What is a Two Person Standing Desk ?

A two-person standing desk, also known as a two-person standing desk or tandem standing desk, is a desk designed to accommodate two people working standing up. It provides a shared workspace with enough room for two people to stand and work side by side.

A two-person standing desk usually has a wider and longer work surface. It offers ample of space for two individuals to comfortably work together. The desk may have a separate height adjustment mechanism or preset that allows each person to independently set their preferred standing height.

two-person standing desk

Benefits of a two-person standing desk

Collaboration and communication

The two-person standing desk encourages collaboration and easy communication between two users. The close proximity allows for quick discussions, sharing of ideas and working on projects together in a more interactive and efficient way.

Efficient use of space

With a two-person standing desk, you can optimise the use of available space. Instead of requiring two separate standing desk, shared desk allow for a more compact setup, ideal for smaller work areas or offices with limited space.

Efficient use of space


Investing in a two-person standing desk is more cost-effective than purchasing two separate standing desk. It eliminates the need for duplicate furniture and saves money while providing a shared workspace for two people.

Enhanced Collaboration and Creativity

With a two-person standing desk, two people can work side-by-side and individuals can easily bounce ideas off each other, brainstorm together and collaborate more effectively. This close closeness can stimulate creativity and new thinking while also fostering a sense of teamwork.

Enhanced Collaboration and Creativity

Health and well-being

Standing desk have the benefit of reducing sedentary behaviour and promoting movement throughout the day. With a two-person standing desk, both users can enjoy the benefits of standing, such as improved posture, increased energy levels, and reduced risks associated with prolonged sitting.

Flexibility and Adjustability

Two-person standing desk feature height adjustability, allowing each user to modify their standing position to suit their comfort and ergonomic needs.

This flexibility accommodates individuals of different heights and preferences, promoting a personalised and comfortable working environment.

Shared resources and equipment

Two-person standing desk provide shared space for resources and equipment, such as shared monitors, keyboards or file holders. This setup increases efficiency and convenience as both users can easily access and utilise shared tools for collaborative work.

Shared resources and equipment

What types of Two Person Standing Desk?

Side-by-Side Standing Desk

A side-by-side standing desk is a workstation with a long, continuous work surface that allows two people to work side-by-side. It is designed to accommodate two people working in close proximity, promoting collaboration, communication and teamwork.

Side-by-side standing desk typically have a shared central area where two users can interact and collaborate, while each person has their own designated workspace on either side. The work surface is usually wide enough to provide enough room for each person to comfortably use their computer, paperwork, and other necessary items.

L-Shaped Standing Desk

An L-shaped standing desk is a workstation with a desktop in the shape of the letter “L”. It provides two separate work areas connected to each other in an L configuration.

This design provides plenty of room for two people to work comfortably side-by-side while maximising the available workspace.An L-shaped standing desk typically consists of two main sections: a longer section and a shorter section.

The longer section forms the base of the L-shape, while the shorter section extends from the end of the longer section to form the vertical arms of the L-shape. Each person can occupy one of the sections, providing their own designated workspace.

L-Shaped Standing Desk

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Back-to-Back Standing Desk

A back-to-back standing desk is a workstation that consists of two separate work surfaces placed back-to-back. It allows two people to work independently while sharing a desk structure.

This configuration is typically used in collaborative work environments or when privacy and focused work are important.In a back-to-back standing desk, each person has their own designated workspace and a separate desktop.

The tables are placed so that they face in opposite directions, allowing each person to have their own space when working in close proximity to another person.

Height Adjustable Conference Tables

Height adjustable conference tables are a common type of table used in conference rooms or meeting rooms. As the name suggests, it is designed with an adjustable height feature that allows the user to change the height of the table according to their preference or specific needs.

These tables usually have sturdy frames with motorised or manual mechanisms that allow for easy height adjustment. The height can be modified to accommodate different seating arrangements, such as sitting or standing, ensuring ergonomic comfort for meeting participants.

Height Adjustable Conference Tables

Shared Standing Desk Converter

A platform or device called a shared standing desk converter can be added to an existing workstation to make it a shared standing desk for several people. It is designed to provide the benefits of standing and adjustable height functionality without the need for a dedicated standing desk for each individual.

A shared standing desk converter usually consists of a work surface that can be raised or lowered to different heights, allowing the user to switch between sitting and standing positions.

It may have adjustable legs, a pneumatic lifting mechanism or an electric motor to facilitate height adjustment. These converters are usually wide enough to accommodate multiple monitors, keyboards, and other work essentials for two or more users.  Typically, they feature independent movable panels or parts that can be adjusted to meet the ergonomic requirements of each user.

The Difference Between Single and Two Person Standing Desk

Workspace Size

A single standing desk is designed for one person and usually offers a standard size work surface. It has enough room for one person to work comfortably standing up, with room for a computer, accessories and other work materials.

On the other hand, a two-person standing desk is wider and longer and can accommodate two people side by side. It provides a larger shared workspace with enough room for two users to work comfortably.

single standing desk

Collaboration and communication

Single standing desk focus primarily on individual work, allowing users to focus on their tasks without distraction. In contrast, two-person standing desk encourage collaboration and communication between two users. Because users are in close proximity to each other, it facilitates easy interaction, idea sharing and teamwork.

Ergonomic Adjustability

Both one and two-person standing desk are often height adjustable, enabling users to adjust the desk’s height to suit their preferred standing posture.

This adjustability promotes better ergonomics and helps users maintain proper posture while working. However, in a two-person standing desk, each user may have an independent height adjustment feature that allows them to individually set their desired standing height.

Ergonomic Adjustability


A single standing desk is suitable for individual workstations or smaller office spaces where multiple desk may not be possible. It optimises space by providing one workstation for one person.

In contrast, a two-person standing desk maximises space by accommodating two users in a shared workspace. It eliminates the need for individual desk, making space-constrained offices more efficient.

Cost Considerations

Single standing desk are often more cost effective than two-person standing desk because they are designed for a single user.

Two-person standing desk typically cost more due to their larger size and capacity for two people. However, it may be a more economical option for companies or workplaces that need to share workstations to perform collaborative tasks.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Two Person Standing Desk

Size and workspace

Look for a two-person standing desk that provides ample workspace for two users. Take into account the desk’s width, depth, and height to make sure that two people’s work supplies, tools, and accessories can fit within it comfortably.

Size and workspace

Height Adjustability

Choose a two-person standing desk with height adjustability. Ideally, each user should be able to adjust the height of the desk independently to meet their ergonomic needs and preferences. Look for desk with smooth and simple height adjustment mechanisms, such as electric motors or pneumatic lifts.

Stability and weight capacity

Make sure the desk is stable and able to support the weight of multiple monitors, computers and other work equipment. Look for desk with a high load-bearing capability constructed of robust materials like steel or solid wood. This will prevent rocking or swaying while working and ensure a safe and secure workspace.

Cable management

Consider the cable management options offered by the desk. To keep the workplace organized and prevent tangled connections, look for features like cable bridges, grommets, or built-in cable channels. Good cable management improves the desk’s overall appearance and usability.

Cable management


Prioritise ergonomics to support user health and comfort. Look for features such as adjustable keyboard trays, monitor stands and ergonomic accessories that promote proper posture and reduce stress on the neck, shoulders and wrists.

desk should allow users to position screens and keyboards at comfortable viewing and typing angles.

Durability and quality

Choose a two-person standing desk that is built to last. Consider the quality of the desk’s materials, construction and overall durability. A well-built desk will ensure longevity, stand up to daily use and provide a reliable workspace for the long term.

Design and aesthetics

Consider the overall design and aesthetics of the desk to ensure it complements the office or workspace environment. Look for a desk that matches the style and decor of its surroundings as well as the personal preferences of both users.

Design and aesthetics


Determine the budget range for a two-person standing desk. Consider the desired features and specifications while keeping the cost in mind. It is important to strike a balance between quality, functionality and affordability.

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