What is a massage chair?

Massage chair is the use of mechanical rolling force and mechanical force compression to simulate the manual massage chair. A Japanese company created the first “automatic massage chair” in the world in 1962. Over the years, there have been different kinds of massage, from acupressure to various forms of reflexology, designed to stimulate certain parts of the feet or hands to produce visceral effects on various organs and systems of the body. Shiatsu seemed to be one of the oldest forms of massage.

Why should we use a massage chair?

The cervical and lumbar spine will suffer significant harm from prolonged head down and sedentary behavior. At present, many people worldwide engage in sedentary lifestyles. For instance, long periods of head bending and sitting have damaged the cervical and lumbar spine in programmers, designers, office workers, long-term sedentary drivers, etc. We urgently need to make some changes for such bodily issues right now.

How does the massage Chair work?

The workings of a massage chair are as follows: A massage chair is a machine that simulates manual massage techniques. It uses mechanical rolling power effect and airbag squeeze to massage. When it spins, it creates a vibration, which helps to provide a massage to your muscles.

According to different massage parts and effects, there are a variety of massage techniques, such as pinching, finger pressure, knocking, pushing, kneading, etc. What’s more, the intensity of the massage can also be adjusted.

What are the functions of the massage chair?

Main Board:

The main board is the command carrier to control the massage chair, which is used to control the massage chair program, air pressure valve, motor work, etc. The goal of a massage chair evaluation is to determine whether the massage program is user-friendly and provides a high level of experience, not whether it has a range of useless functions.

Zero Gravity Technology:

This technology is based on the principles of ergonomics, through the massage chair between the scientific distribution of airbags to wrap the whole body, through the airbags to generate air pressure pulse on the body for a massage.

2D vs 3D vs 4D Massage Rollers:

Now most chairs offer three dimension options: 2D, 3D, and 4D. Each of these roller mechanisms operates on a different level and is appropriate for a particular personality type.

2D massage rollers may move in two directions—up and down and side to side—from your neck to your lower back. This simple technique is efficient, enjoyable, and offers many of the advantages of massage, such as treating back pain,easing sore muscles , reducing tension, and enhancing overall wellness and natural health.

3D massage feels much more like a human masseuse hands than 2D massage. Not only can it move up and down and side to side, the rollers can also push out further into your back as well. 3D massage chairs are very popular nowadays because of this additional dimension where the rollers can push much further out to provide extra intensity on the massage.

4D massage chairs do everything that 3D massage chairs do in terms of motion. the rollers will move back and forth, side to side, and up and down. Additionally, 4D adopts new massage movement technology which can adjust the speed.

Heating Function:

Most massage chairs come with lumbar heat to relieve and relax muscles. And some chairs come with multiple heat areas in the neck, back and feet.

Roller Tack:

The roller track is another core component of the massage chair, which can assist the robot to move to various parts of the body for massage. It can be divided into the following types: S track, L track and SL track.

S track is a roller track with more curve than a straight up-and-down track, which provides a deeper massage for the neck and lower back.

L track is an expanded foam of S track with a straight track from the head to the lower back.

SL track is extended foam of S track with curves that L track massages all the way down to the buttock. And SL track is most advanced roller track now.


The rollers move along a track, therefore the coverage only extends to the vicinity of the track. The airbag must be used for other body parts. Airbags can be inflated or deflated to alter their size and apply pressure to various body locations, including the shoulders, hands, legs and other areas.

Bluetooth Connection:

Some massage chairs are equipped with a internal Bluetooth speaker. The user can connect to the speaker to enjoy music while massaging. Stretch function

It is important that the chair comes with a stretch function in order to meet the requirements of different height.

8Things to Look for When Purchasing A Massage Chair.

Massage Function.

Cheap massage chairs only provide a simple vibration and rolling massage. On the other hand, high-end massage chairs offer a variety of functions to help you relax.


Massage chairs can range in price from around $500 to $3000 or more. Many factors will determine the price, including features, technology, customization, etc., but it is not a a good choose to buy a massage chair less than $ 1,000 .

Massage Rollers & Tracks

Massage chair is the core function of the rollers and tracks.

Massage Airbag

Massage airbag by inflating, deflating to change the size of the airbag, so as to achieve pressure or wrapped massage on certain body parts, such as shoulders, hands, legs and other parts.

Zero Gravity Function

Zero gravity recline mimics the weightlessness of space, because it puts your body in a gravity-neutral position, thus reducing the pressure on the spine.

Heating Function

Some advanced massage chairs are equipped with heating function on back or seat. Through the application of infrared heating, massage by relaxing muscles, improve blood circulation. Some massage chairs with heating function is not safe, please be careful when choosing


It is important to check the material when choosing, which will affect the comfort of the chair.

After-sales Service

Massage chairs are different from other products, so we’d better choose a reliable brand, which can save a lot of trouble.

How to maintain the massage chair?

Upholstery Cleaning

Due to continual touch with the user and friction from the massage rollers, the upholstery of the massage chair sustains the most damage. However, with routine care, you may keep the upholstery of your massage chair in good working order for many years to come.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

The chair should be put in a dry, ventilated place, which can prevent premature aging of the massage chair.

Weight Capacity Of The Massage Chair

Do not put heavy objects on the massage chair when not in use. And do not put sharp objects to prevent scratching the massage chair.

Regular Usage

You need to use it frequently in order to maintain lubrication and proper operation of the mechanical parts. If you need to use the massage function for over 45 minutes, we suggest that you can stop it for 10 minutes and then restart it.

Which people are not suitable for using massage chairs?

Although massage chairs have many functions, they are not suitable for all people.

1.People who have osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and the first type of heart disease.

2.People with localized skin lesions, ulcers, bleeding, tuberculosis, and tumors.

3. People who are overly hungover, overstuffed, intoxicated, or exhausted shouldn’t utilize massage chairs right away.

4. Children can not use the massage chair.

After reading this article, you may get a basic understanding of massage chairs, so go now and pick up your ideal massage chair!

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