Get To Know Us & Where It All Began


Our Story

How did Kinnls get started?

Growing up around a family-operated woodworking shop, Kenan has a foundational understanding of furniture craftsmanship. He first started his own business with interior furniture after graduation.

Because of his uncomfortable experience in his office chair, he decided to focus on the design of office chairs in 2010.

In 2013, his younger brother, Kevin joined the team. They continued to create more office furniture so that each person could create a beautiful and inspiring workspace.



Our design combines innovation and ergonomics to create office furniture for daily use. With a built-in vibration massage function, every customer can enjoy a comfortable massage after work and get good relief. Each product undergoes at least ten meticulous production processes, including raw material selection, material opening, cutting, splicing, veneering, and straight quality inspection.



A positive work environment can help improve your job satisfaction, increase productivity, and motivate those around you. We adhere to a human-centered and sustainable business strategy and are committed to providing you with quality office furniture to bring joy to your work.

Our Showroom & Our Mission 

A quick visit to our showroom is the best way to experience whether our product fits you. Please email or call us to make a booking for a personal visit. We are so excited to welcome you here.

We set out to make the purchasing experience as smooth as possible for our customers. We take every customer's issue seriously and work to their satisfaction. In addition, we provide more jobs. In our production and warehouse, we employ most Americans, which is good for economic growth.

Our Values


We listen to our Customers and rely on our Members.


We are committed to putting sustainability first and carefully choosing the materials we use.


We Are Passionate. We Love What We Do. We enjoy and have lots of fun with the furniture.

We value your feedback and want to hear from you. Whether you’re looking for a specific product, to join our team, or for a business partnership, please email us, and we’ll contact you.