What does 2D mean in massage chair?

The 2D massage system is a traditional design that has been around the longest. It works on your surface muscles and back without going deep into the muscles underneath. These rollers have the lowest strength. The massage roller on the back of the massage chair can be moved up and down, and the width can also be adjusted around. The massage chair with this movement can only realize the massage on the plane, and the comfort is not good. Now it has been gradually eliminated.

What does 3D mean on massage chair?

3D roller is on the basis of 2D roller, add adjustable telescopic design, equivalent to the 2D movement on the basis of the increased push function, so its massage strength is larger, massage is deeper, this kind of movement massage chair is also the most common in the market.

The 3D roller can move left and right, up and down, and inside and out. This movement helps to mimic the movement of the human hand. You can adjust the intensity to make the massage intense or gentle, depending on some limitations of the chair itself. This can be a nice feature if more than one person is using the chair. These chairs are becoming more popular, although they are more expensive than 2D chairs. In addition, adjustability provides you with greater benefits. The latest version is the 4D Massage Chair, which takes all of the above features and adds more adjustability.

What does 4D mean on massage chair?

4D massage is a metaphor of scientific and technological innovation breakthrough. It breaks through the in-depth massage of 3D massage. It is designed according to the curve of the human body and extends the massage to 300px, which is closer to the real person technique.

The difference between 4D and 3D

The stretchable distance between the two is different, so 4D is more comfortable in massage experience. 4D massage breaks through the micro-in-depth massage of 3D massage and satisfies the massage of neck and shoulder position to a greater extent. The differences are as follows:

4D and 3D refer to the massage range of the massage chair manipulator. The extended distance of 3D is about 5-250px, and the extended range of 4D is about 12-350px, which can fit the human body more deeply, especially the neck and waist. Therefore, 4D is more comfortable in massage experience.

What should you pay attention to when buying a massage chair

1.Massage function

Low-end massage chairs usually only offer simple vibration and rolling massages. High-end massage chairs, on the other hand, offer a variety of features to help you relax.


Massage chairs can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, and many factors will determine the cost, including functionality, technology, and customizability, but a good rule of thumb is to ignore chairs priced at full price under $1,000.

3. Massage rollers and tracks

The core function of a massage chair is the roller and track, so be sure to read our article: What’s the difference between 3d vs 4d?

4. Massage the bag

The massage bag inflates and deflates air to change the size of the air bag, so as to realize the pressing or wrapping massage of some body parts, such as shoulders, hands, legs and other parts.

5. Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity reclining mimics the weightlessness of space because it places your body in a neutral gravity position, thereby reducing stress on your spine. This lowers your heart rate, reduces stress and improves blood circulation.

6. Heating function

Most advanced massage chairs come with a heated massage seat and/or backrest option. By applying infrared heat, massage relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation. But some massage chairs with massage functions are not safe. Special attention should be paid to the selection.

7. Massage chair material

The leather of the massage chair is very important. We should look at the material when choosing it, which will affect the comfort of the chair.

8. After-sales service

Massage chairs are different from other products, so it is important to choose a reliable brand. It will save you a lot of trouble.

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